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St. Michael’s, Emley and its surroundings is an excellent setting for a wedding. The ancient building, now re-ordered, provides attractive, comfortable seating for at least 120 guests. There is a peal of bells and data projector equipment is available.

A church wedding offers a spiritual dimension to the special occasion, enabling the couple to acknowledge God’s love for them as well as their love for each other, and to ask God’s blessing on their life together.

It is not necessary to be baptised, nor is a previous marriage necessarily a barrier to a church wedding. You can be married at St. Michael’s if you worship at the church, or live in the parish, or have some other significant link with the parish. If you are not sure whether you qualify, please make contact with us.

Contrary to popular belief it is not expensive to have a church wedding - the “extras” usually cost more than the service itself. If you want to know more about cost, then, again, please make contact with us.

All couples who decide to be married at St. Michael’s are invited to a Preparation Day where issues about married life and church weddings are talked about fully and openly with other couples.

It is also possible for us to provide, at a reasonable price, flowers in church for a wedding. 

For more information, contact us at
Photos kindly reproduced by permission courtesy of Dustin smith of  Skywall Photography
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