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We are always happy to respond to requests from families living in the parish, or having links with the church, for baptism, either for children or for older people. 

We always offer preparation for baptism in which we talk about the significance of baptism and explain the shape and content of the service. This normally happens in the family home.

Baptism services are mostly held on either the first or third Sunday of the month, after the main service, at about 12.15 pm. 

Questions sometimes asked

Q: What’s the difference between baptism and christening? 

A: Nothing - they are the same. The ceremony is often referred to as Christening “on the street”,  but in church it is usually called Baptism - that is what the Bible calls it.

Q: Who can be godparents and how many can there be? 

A: Anyone can be a godparent but because the role is primarily a spiritual one they should be people of faith, and ideally baptised themselves. There can be any number of godparents.

If you want to know more about baptism or to arrange a baptism, please make contact with us.
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